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This page contains a list of companies that may be of interest to our society's members. If you find any that aren't on this list, then please add them!

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Robotics Specialists

ABB Robotics

  • Blog post with ABB UK Robotics Sales manager - "we need to assist in the education of young engineers"

Shadow Robot Company - Youtube Video of their Robot Hand

OC Robotics

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

NI Robotics

Microsoft Robotics

Kuka Robotics UK


Toshiba Cambridge Research Labs - Research Speech, Vision and Biosensors

Microsoft Research Cambridge - Machine Learning and Perception

Gostai - New and pretty cool French robotics company - Expressed interest in meeting us in this tweet - Have an Robotics Club support program

OttoBock - High Tech Prosthetics - BBC Article

Festo - Their bionic learning network is making some really amazing stuff - Adeline saw their flying penguin at the big bang fair

Technical Engineering




ARM mbed



TRW - a cognitive safety systems company

String - London based Augmented reality company