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About this page

NB: Still very much a work in progress.

This wiki page is the central source of information for the software&system subgroup of Eurobot. It is to host the development plans and task division.

Group information

Team leaders:

  • Cooper Liu (ql108@ic.ac.uk)
  • Ryan Savitski (rs5010@ic.ac.uk)

Overview of the team's responsibilities:

The group is responsible for making sure that the software modules can communicate both to each other and to hardware peripherals. This involves designing the software organisation and writing the necessary interfacing code. In addition, given extra time and resources, we can write a more advanced AI (artificial intelligence) module for path and game planning (i.e. how to best score points and how to move in the most optimal way, given the knowledge about the obstacles).

Getting started

  • Make sure to sign up to the mailing list for the entire Eurobot at the top of this link. This will be the method for global project communication, we currently plan to use it for this group's internal discussions as well.
  • We will be using the mbed microcontroller as the main platform. It comes with an online IDE (compiler) with source control. We are contacting ARM (the company in charge of mbeds) at the moment to request the necessary amount of accounts for people on Eurobot to use. Please stay tuned in the meantime.
  • If you so wish, you can start poking around https://mbed.org/handbook/Homepage, this page, among other things, gives you a high-level overview of what the mbed is. We will be using the mbed LPC1768 as the robot's main microcontroller.

Useful C++/mbed information/tutorials