ICRS Eurobot Team 2013

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ICRS Eurobot Team 2013

Eurobot arena 2013.PNG
The Eurobot Arena

Status Ongoing

We are entering the Eurobot Competition!

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Manager Oskar Weigl
  • Cooper Liu
  • Ryan Savitski
  • Christian Cheung

We are entering Eurobot 2013! The rules are out and we will build and program something really awesome!

List of subgroups

2013 code!


  • Email Oskar (ow610@ic.ac.uk) if you need editing access!

2012 published Eurobot code





Current Tasks

Immediate tasks

Medium prio tasks

  • Redesign beacon hardware
    • Hook up LED’s to a current sinking N-ch mosfet with anode resistor (not shutos crazy design)
    • Make beacons use PIC 16F690 instead of mbed
  • Measure the performance of the current Sonar setup
  • Research and buy motor driver (2ch)
    • 4-5 ish amps per ch, @12V
  • Look at how we will design encoder rollers
  • Design PCB
    • Look at what motor driver we need
    • What other accessories need to be connected?
    • shape and size?

Design ideas and changes

  • Main mbed system, and sensor coprocessor
  • DONT use omniwheels


Task List for Eurobot Arena 2013 Please contact Thomas Clayson - thomasalbertclayson@gmail.com or Aksat Shah - as10509@imperial.ac.uk

High Priority

  • Paint arena base
    • The arena is marked out and partially painted. This needs to be finished
  • Assemble Cake
    • The cake has been cut and mostly painted. It now needs to be assembled.
  • Create "candles"
  • Create "presents"

Low Priority

  • Create stackable cups
  • Create ping pong ball holder

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