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The following is a list of tasks that need doing for the upcoming Wednesday Hack.


Please contact Josh Elsdon joshua.elsdon10@imperial.ac.uk

  • Mount the Z axis
  • Source parts for X axis
  • Rework electronics from Woody
  • Design encoder for paying system


  • Please contact James Parkin james.parkin11@imperial.ac.uk or Max Hunter max@huntershome.org
  • Attempting to jump start the revolution board for the UAV core stabilization.



Task List for Eurobot Arena 2013 Please contact Thomas Clayson - thomasalbertclayson@gmail.com or Aksat Shah - as10509@imperial.ac.uk

High Priority

  • Paint arena base
    • The arena is marked out and partially painted. This needs to be finished
  • Assemble Cake
    • The cake has been cut and mostly painted. It now needs to be assembled.
  • Create "candles"
  • Create "presents"

Low Priority

  • Create stackable cups
  • Create ping pong ball holder


  • Please contact James Parkin james.parkin11@imperial.ac.uk
  • Will be ordering motors, ESCs, etc and start to form a team and reform the specifications of the project.