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The following is a list of tasks that need doing for the upcoming Wednesday Hack.


  • Please contact Josh Elsdon joshua.elsdon10@imperial.ac.uk


  • Please contact James Parkin james.parkin11@imperial.ac.uk or Max Hunter max@huntershome.org
  • Will be test flying and data logging in Hyde Park depending on weather. If the plane handles well there may be an chance for people to spend some supervised time flying the UAV.



Task List for Eurobot Arena 2013 Please contact Thomas Clayson - thomasalbertclayson@gmail.com or Aksat Shah - as10509@imperial.ac.uk

High Priority

  • Paint arena base
    • The arena is marked out and partially painted. This needs to be finished
  • Assemble Cake
    • The cake has been cut and mostly painted. It now needs to be assembled.
  • Create "candles"
  • Create "presents"

Low Priority

  • Create stackable cups
  • Create ping pong ball holder


  • Please contact James Parkin james.parkin11@imperial.ac.uk
  • Will be ordering motors, ESCs, etc and start to form a team and reform the specifications of the project.