Expanding Our Space and Facilities

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We need more space for the society. The university is pretty cramped, so it's a little difficult to find room, but there are a few opportunities out there.

EEE Building

Room 505

We already have 2 benches and a rack of shelves in these labs. Harry is in conversation with the lab coordinator Dr Gurcan about whether the society can be allocated more space in the Autumn and Spring terms (when we are the busiest, and the labs are the quietest). This is likely to happen.

Small Room in the 5th Floor Kitchen

This room is currently used by EESoc, but seems to have a lot of space/inefficient usage. Perhaps we could talk to the president of eesoc about making some deal with them regarding this. It would offer fantastic security and a large storage space. It would probably have to have a card reader attached for ICRS member access control.