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Todo List

TODO: Contact ABB UK about sponsorship ( Oskar Weigl )

priority list

  • Money

- Farnell, someones on it - Mech eng, ask guy at meeting - Aero, Me and max should look for people and sponsorshiop using UAV. Contact is in email from harry - ABB, oskar Take care of it - OCtrust, harry will ask for more - EEE, wait a little bit - Physics department, Max should talk to head'

  • Space

- Peter Cheung said he'll look into it. Harry will have a meeting with him soon! (if he dosent by 16th of oct, tell harry he sucks) - Attempt to get laser lab room!

  • Experts for projects
  • Tools & Equipment
    • Access to existing labs/tools
  • More girls

Tweenbot organization