ICRS Eurobot Team 2012

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ICRS Eurobot Team 2012

Eurobot Arena 2012.jpg
The Eurobot Arena

Status Ongoing
We are entering the Eurobot Competition!
Manager Shuto Naruse

Yuki Machida
Cooper Liu
Hamza Javed
Sho Tsujimura
Oskar Weigl
Zhitian Liao
Tuan Le Mau
Crispian Poon
Zhitian Liao
Qinxin Liu
William Trewinnard
Justas Medeisis
Chi Poon
Chi Wan
Zeping Xue
Rui Guo
Christian Cheung

  • Add more members here!

ICRS is entering Eurobot for a 3rd time in 2012. We have the very ambitious goal of coming in the top 3 worldwide. There's no reason we can't do it. We are easily the highest ranking university which takes part in the competition! Let's live up to that name!


The Eurobot team will consist of many smaller sub-groups. Each subgroup will have its own responsibility and a leader to ensure they meet the requirements set for that subgroup. A member of the ICRS Eurobot Team can be part of many subgroups.

Team Name

  • Imperial Pirates


A flow chart of the project is here. Check this to see what you are doing

List of Current Subgroups


The rules are now out! But they were not posted by the official organizers, so could be changed

Buying things

Due Dates

  • Localization : Prototype -- Feb 15
  • Robot Construction: -- Feb 29

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