Purchasing Components from China

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If you have a Chinese friend who has online banking and there is also someone who is coming back from China, then you have a chance to get some cheap electronic components! Remember that the only reason that they can be cheap is the bad quality! Therefore it is not recommended if you are only going to buy one or two of them, because it is likely that you will find one or both not working as expected... There best situation is that you need more than 5, and then you buy one or two spare ones on top of it.

1. Go to the most popular online market: www.taobao.com

2. Search with the part number

3. When you see the result as shown in this image.


The three icons circled are the ranking options. The one with red circle is item popularity, second one with green circle is seller credit/reliability and the third one with blue circle is price. The one with red text is the current ranking method.

4. Select the item:


5. Open the link and check the score


6. Send the link to a Chinese friend who can buy it for you

If they are common components, i.e. a lot people are selling and buying, the popularity ranking should be good enough.