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This session simply involves assembling the robot base for use in the later sessions. You will learn the basics of electronics and robotics.

Lesson Summary

If in doubt or unfamiliar with anything, approach our eager and friendly instructors! They'll love to help you understand!


Build the base of your robot for use in later sessions. You can watch the first lesson of the 2013 Robotics 101 Term 1 course, given by Thomas Clayson, below:

Preparation for this lesson:

  • Look at materials for lesson 1 and note down any questions that come to mind
  • Bring your own laptop.

By the end of this lesson:

  • You will have assembled the robot base.
  • You will understand the basics and usage of electronics components including breadboard, DC motor, microcontroller, motor driver, power supply.

Lesson Material


These are written tutorials that we highly recommend you check out before the session.

  • Ciruit Diagram - Highly recommended circuit diagram of your robots electronics.
  • Your Robot - Details about your robot and the components involved
  • Instruction Guide - Detailed instructions on how to construct your robot
  • H Bridge - Explains the function of the large black chip used to make your robot

Video Tutorials

The following is a list of video tutorials that will help explain some of the new concepts you will face in the robotics course.

Other Materials

We recommend that if you have time, you should look through these materials to gain further understanding before the hands-on session.


The following is a list of instructors involved in the robotics course. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Instructor Email
Yoshimasa Sano