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It this session you will learn the basics of C++ and how to program the mbed. This is not a programming course so we will only cover the very basics.

Lesson Summary

If in doubt or unfamiliar with anything, approach our eager and friendly instructors! They'll love to help you understand!


Program your robot to perform a predefined movement where it can drive forwards, turn and then reverse. Below, you can watch the second lesson of the 2013 Robotics 101 course, given by Thomas Clayson.

Preparation for this lesson:

  • Please read the C++ Tutorial on our wiki and other tutorials if possible.
  • Bring a laptop if you have one as we have a limited number of computers available.

By the end of this lesson:

  • You will be familiar with the mbed software development process, and all the online tools and help available.
  • You will have written a simple program to make your robot alive!!!

Lesson Material


These are written tutorials that we highly recommend you check out before the session.

  • Mbed - Introduction on how to use the mbed and on its various outputs and inputs
  • Mbed Compiler - Introduction and how to use the mbed online compiler
  • C++ Tutorial - Basic introduction to C++, highly recommended if you have not met C++ yet

Video Tutorials

The following is a list of video tutorials that will help explain some of the new concepts you will face in the robotics course.

Other Materials

We recommend that if you have time, you should look through these materials to gain further understanding before the hands-on session.